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New Directions provides 24hr residential support services for learning disabled people.


  • Our Homes
    Our residential accommodation is of a high standard and is adapted to meet the needs of the people that live there.
  • Individual Support
  • Each resident has their own private bedroom decorated and furnished to their individual taste.
  • Individuals have a person-centred plan with outcomes that focus on their personal potential and goals based on their individual support needs.
  • All individuals are encouraged to make their own choices on all aspects of their lives.

  • Care and Support
    Our highly trained staff can support a wide range of care and support needs. New Directions works proactively with external professionals to ensure that all needs are met such as specialist equipment and speech and language support.
  • Social
    Our staff regularly support individuals and groups to attend community activities and be an active part of the wider community based on their choices.
  • Individuals are encouraged to be involved in the running of their home. Their views and opinions play an important role in how New Directions runs its services.

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For more information phone: 01788 573318 or email:

 To find out more about our exciting new home for learning and physically disabled people…

Poppy Place Residential Home

Poppy Place Residential Home

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