The Exchange - New Directions Rugby Ltd

  • We are delighted that you have decided to book one of The Exchange's community rooms. Please do contact us if you need any help with filling in the form or for any information about the facilities.

Hire Information ('the Hirer')


Booking details

  • Size 15ft x 30.5ft
    Maximum capacity:
    Board room style: 16 people
    Informal workshop 24 people
    Lecture style: 30 people
  • Size 11ftx14ft
    Maximum Capacity
    Computer station set up: 10 people
  • Size 13.5ftx12ft
    Maximum Capacity
    Board room style: 10 people
    Informal workshop: 12 people
    Lecture style: 12 people
  • Size 14ftx11ft Maximum capacity: Soft seating: 8 people
  • We are happy for you to use external caterers for your event. If this is the case please complete the following:
  • The rooms are available for hire during the weekends, bank holidays and afternoons/evenings from 4.00pm.
  • The Clover Room: £15 for first hour & £10 per hour thereafter
    The Lily Room: £15 for first hour & £8 per hour thereafter
    The Daisy Room: £15 for first hour & £8 per hour thereafter
    The Orchid Room: £15 for first hour & £8 per hour thereafter
    Exclusive use of building: £5 extra per hour
    The charges et out above are for the financial year 2015/2016. New Directions (Rugby) Ltd. reserves the right to change these charges without prior written notice. A minimum charge of 1 hour applies to all rates. Half hour rates also available after the minimum 1 hour has been booked.
  • By ticking the box above, the Hirer is required to have adequate Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million pounds through a reputable provider and a copy of your insurance certificate has been provided to New Directions (Rugby) Ltd. Once a copy has been received the additional fee will be waived. Please refer to clause 19 of the Terms and Conditions for details of the level of insurance cover required.