Tina moved into one of New Directions’ supported living flats at the end of April 2017. Tina lives independently with support staff available to help with shopping, daily tasks, cleaning and personal care.

Tina said, “The flat here is 100% better than the bedsit that I was living in, I now have a massive bathroom and a separate bedroom. You can be yourself here and it is comforting that the staff are about. I like to get together with everyone else in the communal room, it’s nice. When you want time to yourself you can go to your flat. I have settled in and I like the nice walk to the local supermarket. I have made new friends and its easy to visit my friends from college and the clubs that I go to. The views from my room are lovely and there is a lot of light. I am looking forward to the summer and spending time in the garden getting together with everyone.”

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