Socialising boosts wellbeing.

“It’s all about being a part of something in the community, socializing with people who share interests and coming together to help improve the world we live in.”

– Zach Braff (American actor)

The people we support make time for each other because they know that making real contact with their friends helps their relationships to flourish. Anthony and Kelly have made good friends at Community Choices Network and with all the other people who attend our day opportunities service. There is a real benefit of having places to make friends at New Directions because those relationships can last a lifetime.

Kyle gets out-and-about in the local community with support, as his mobility issues require him to use a wheelchair. This does not stop him from enjoying his life to the maximum because he finds his way about and overcomes obstacles to achieve his goals. We support Kyle in his own home, to go on holiday, to attend music concerts, go on day trips, or just to navigate his local town centre.

Supported from the start to finish, from supermarket to table

Kenton spends a lot of time at Coventry Transport Museum. The museum houses one of the world’s largest collections of British road transport. It consists of 300 cycles, 120 motorcycles and 250 cars and commercial vehicles. There is also over a million archive and collectable items originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity. Until next time Kenton.

Everyone at Community Choices Network got creative while building our winning eco-friendly Christmas tree with no felt tips used in the making of the decorations. 

A video compilation of a selection of our latest posts on New Directions’ Facebook Community Group. Our ISO:9001 Award assessors agreed that we have a really good communication with staff, customers and their families – particularly through the closed Facebook page, which shows what is happening in photos and videos.

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