Do you need to find meaningful activities for you or someone you support?

Community Choices Network offers individuals a personal timetable to meet your needs, to provide you with structure and activities while learning and building you social life. Situated in the heart of the Rugby town centre there are plenty of building based and community sessions that will help you to explore your hobbies, to see more of your surroundings, explore new activities and make new friends.

The Old Telephone Exchange
32-42 Albert Street
Rugby CV21 2SA
Tel: 01788 577586





Computer Sessions

There are several computer groups available including basic computing, typing skills, CV writing, social media and blog writing.

Horse Riding

Horse riding group takes place twice a week and improves balance and leisure time.

Cooking Group

As part of New Directions Health and Wellbeing programme cooking sessions are a group activity developing independence skills like shopping for food, budgeting and healthy eating.

Travel Training

Developing skills that lead to improved independence such as reading bus timetables, bus routes and support to apply for public transport passes.

Inclusive Exercise Sessions

Chair based exercises for all abilities with a qualified trainer, using equipment and routines that develop core strength.

CCN Steppers

Dance session where attendees work as a group, listen to modern music and improve their coordination by making up their own dance routines.

Community Cafe

Coffee shop volunteers gain valuable work skills, to take an active part in the local community leading to the building of self-confidence and to meeting new people and making new friends.

Photography Group

Photography sessions develop awareness of the community and capture special moments on trips out.

Music Group

Taking part in activities that encourage creativity like music sessions get people together and improve concentration and coordination.


Exercising is important to healthy living and our swimming group is available twice a week for all abilities.

Community Visits

Trips out to places of interest enable people to explore nature and take part in the community.


We have an allotment in Rugby where people get involved by digging, weeding, buying and planting vegetables.

Wildlife and Flowers

Flower arranging is a fun activity which helps people to stay focussed and the floral decorations are for sale.


Our rambling group is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors.


This sewing group develops independence skills and people can produce items that have been sold at New Directions’ fetes and donated to children in South Sudan.

Arts and Crafts

Activities in arts and crafts encourage creativity and self expression.

Pet Therapy

Whether it is a canine visitor to Community Choices Network or an opportunity to volunteer at a local animal charity we encourage people to get enjoy spending time with pets and animals.


We provide  a drama at group at our community space twice a week which promotes memory, speaking skills and confidence.
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