Emma Dredge from Paint and Glaze in Rugby showed people who use our residential services how to decorate mugs and ceramic dishes with their own designs, which were then fired so that they could keep them forever. Funded by money raised for art therapy through a New Directions’ charity quiz this creative session was a great opportunity for individuals to express themselves, improve their confidence and self-esteem. Paint and Glaze is a mobile pottery providing a variation of blank pottery items that can be painted and fired for individuals to cherish. Emma provided everything to use from non-toxic paint to brushes and even inspiration when required.

Emma spent time with Ian, Jonathan, Linda, Pauline, Mark, Maureen and Joyce who learned how to use colours, glaze effects and stencils to make their own ceramics for firing. Everyone enjoyed the process where Emma supported them to use their creativity, help develop communication skills, foster positivity through achievement and provide something to look forward to.

Being able to fully focus on something in this way helped them all to relax reducing everyday stresses. With pottery you can produce something and express yourself in some way and there are physical and mental benefits from creating something.

Emma said, “I have enjoyed providing these paint and glaze sessions for New Directions and was thrilled to be asked back again after the first one. Using our hands to make something is an outlet for our creativity where the sense of touch is of great significance. The people who took part in this pottery group found it a social experience but it still allowed for positive silence. By creating pottery that can last a lifetime, learning new skills and having a finished product it can lead to enjoying a creative pastime. I am looking forward to my next visit.”

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