Do you give to charity? The people we support at New Directions find many ways to support good causes and give back to the community whenever they can. Tina, who lives in one of New Directions’ supported living homes, has raised funds for Macmillan Cancer Support by opting to go for an extreme  buzz cut at a local hairdresser. Kelly and Kelsey who are also our tenants provided cake sale fundraisers at their homes for the same charity.

Over the years, people who benefit from the support of New Directions have taken part in Red Nose Day; helped out at Pawprints Dog Rescue by training dogs and making dog beds; sewn dresses and shorts for children in Africa; they have knitted blankets for premature babies and boxed up essentials for the homeless and Christmas gifts for children in hospital. Helping others is important to the people we support and it makes them feel good about themselves and their achievements.

Tina told everyone at the hairdresser why she was having her buzz cut.

Giving to charity is empowering and fulfilling. It is certainly a mood-booster because it feels good to believe in a cause and help others. The impact that the people we support make shows them that they can make a positive change in the world and that everything they do can make a difference. Believing in something strengthens our sense of social conscience and moral duty so that we can act on our ethical beliefs and lead by example.

Tina said “I chose Macmillan because it is a cancer charity and I thought it would be nice”

Charity work needs generosity and encourages our friends and families to share our passion and do the same for a common goal with special significance. Volunteering at charities has helped the people we support to make new like-minded friends and widen their circle of support. For all of these reasons we can all benefit from giving to charity, but the most important part for Tina, Kelly and Kelsey is that it gives them confidence and a feeling of self satisfaction, knowing that they are supporting others.

 “I have never done anything like this before and I wanted to do something for a good cause. I chose Macmillan because it is a cancer charity and I thought it would be nice. I had my hair cut with clippers and shaver and told everyone at the hairdresser why I was having it done. The other customers watched and said, “Good on you.” It feels different with my hair now, very cold and I can feel the wind more, but I have a hat and I’m glad I did it.”


Kelly spent time with friends and had fun raising funds for Macmillan

Kelsey was prepared with two Macmillan fundraising packs and lots of cakes in all shapes and sizes.

Kelly enjoyed hosting her Macmillan afternoon. She had a lot of visitors throughout the evening, played some games, and even held a raffle. Kelly would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and donated, and thank you to Support Worker Amanda for baking a lovely cake and providing some supplies.

“I found the event on the internet and I have made chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. Lots of people have helped to make cakes too. I feel really strongly about cancer support because it reminds me of my Auntie who had it. I am doing this for my outcomes too.”


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