The benefits of creative tasks can be particularly important for people who experience extreme emotions or present as non-verbal, this includes people with a learning disability or autism. The people who we support learn how to solve problems with creative solutions which helps them to improve their skills in every aspect of their lives. Creativity is something we use to build their confidence and helps individuals to gain a sense of achievement without being judged and with no restrictions. We provide spaces and opportunities to help people who struggle to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings through creative activities. We also know that technology can further expand their creative abilities and potential. Our activities encourage people to touch base with their mind body and soul, to value themselves and learn in a relaxing and calming experience

Taking part in creative activity stimulates our brains with a chemical called Dopamine that can help people focus and  creates a feel good factor.  This process compliments the levels of Serotonin that increase and are released which relieves feelings of stress. Our creative sessions at our day opportunity service Community Choices Network or alternatively in one of our accommodation services (due to the pandemic) show people creative coping strategies they need  every day in their independent lives, they learn to take risks, explore their own potential without judgement and find themselves open to even more alternatives.

Some of the ways that we support people to explore their creativity include:

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest learning developments, therapies and educational techniques
  • Providing a calm environment where there is no judgement or failure
  • Improving our own communication skills to suit each individual
  • Leading by example with a sense of hard work
  • Encouraging an attitude of not giving up
  • Keeping positive and creating a sense of optimism
  • Being good listeners and reacting to people’s needs as they arise
  • Clarifying goals with individuals to decide what is achievable and in what time frame
  • Involving people in every part of the process in a way that they understand
  • Offering people new alternative creative solutions

We are always developing our services to provide support and activities that are both meaningful and purposeful to the people we support. Some of the creative sessions that we currently provide include multicultural art sessions, pottery, photography, music, creative crafts and dancing with our CCN Steppers; as well as sewing, baking, cooking and traditional art. If you have a learning disability, or have a family member who would benefit from our support, please contact us here.

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