New Directions’ Recruitment Day at The Exchange was well attended by both people working in the care industry and those who want to have a complete change in career. The event was described by several visitors as “very friendly and informative” giving people a “great awareness” of New Directions charity and our varied services. One keen applicant said, “I saw this recruitment event and a photo of one of your service users with some of the things she had made on Facebook and I immediately thought I want to be part of that.” Another added, “New Directions sounds like a great company.”

All the candidates are looking for a rewarding career “helping” people to live fulfilling lives. New Directions’ Support Workers support people to achieve their goals within their home or in the local community. The type of support varies with our different services; of which personal care is just one aspect. Support Worker tasks include support with daily living skills, travel escorts, teaching of independent life skills to help with accessing community based activities such as going to college, swimming, volunteering, work placements and other social and leisure activities. An informal chat with one of the managers on the day soon gave all the prospective recruits “food for thought” and one visitor added that this timely event had “enabled them to move forward.”

Human Resources Manager Lorna Brindley said, “We provide our Recruitment Days to give applicants an awareness of what we do at New Directions and how they can get involved. Applicants were told on the day about our pioneering advances in the nature and range of a Support Worker role, including the developments in technologies that assist people who use the services and improve staff efficiency. We look forward to hiring our new recruits as the charity continues to grow and develop new services to meet the diverse needs of the people we support.”

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