New Directions home care services are based in your own home and in your local community.

For more information please call 01788 544995 or email.

  • We offer support within your home which can be anything from as little as 1 hour per week up to 24 hours a day.
  • We can support you to run your own home to the best of your ability, including managing your money, preparing a meal or cleaning your home.
  • We can also support you in your local community. Our staff can be there for you when you want to go shopping or take part in a leisure activity.
  • We believe in providing high quality, good value services which are responsive to your changing needs,
  • We tailor your package to your assessed needs and wishes.
  • Your needs are met when it convenient to you.
  • We have skilled and highly trained staff who promote independence and opportunities to learn new skills.