At New Directions Rugby, we are always looking for ways in which we can support people to give back. We are incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such a generous, tight-knit community of people in Rugby that have supported us, our staff, and the people we support, through a range of partnerships, fundraising activities, open days, donations, and volunteering opportunities.  

The Benefits of Volunteering  

One of the most valuable ways people we support choose to give back to our community is through volunteering. Whether at charity shops, St Cross Hospital, or within local coffee shops. We are forever grateful for the opportunities that come our way and for the joy it brings everybody here.   Volunteering in the local community is a fantastic opportunity for the people we support to further develop their skills in time management, money management, independence, organisation, people skills, and fine motor skills. Volunteering has helped the people we support to gain greater self-confidence, an additional sense of purpose and responsibility, and can also make them feel even safer and more welcome within the local community. 

The Thirteen Bells Community Café  

Three of the people we support; Bob, Ian, and Hayley, have each been volunteering at The Thirteen Bells Community Café at St Andrew’s church. The café welcomes both school pupils and our volunteers and offers visitors a chance to sit and relax with a hot cup of tea, a selection of sandwiches, and delicious fresh pastries, at very reasonable prices.  The roles that Bob, Ian, and Hayley undertake include customer service, ensuring the kitchen and café are clean, tidy, and presentable, washing and drying up, clearing tables after use, laying tables for new visitors, preparing, and handling hot drinks, delivering food, assisting with food prep and money handling.     As the months have progressed, they have each gravitated towards the role that they enjoy best. Bob particularly likes washing, drying, tidying up, handling money, and cashing up at the end of the day. He says the money handling is really helping him with his numeracy skills. Ian has taken a liking to making sure the seating areas are sparkling clean and ready for visitors and is great at taking orders and table service. Hayley is fantastic at taking food and drink orders and enjoys chatting with customers whilst they wait for their food. Together they work brilliantly as a team and really enjoy the time they spend together working at The Thirteen Bells Community Café.  

Harry’s Work at St Cross Hospital  

Harry takes immense pride in his volunteer work at the local St Cross Hospital in Rugby. As a Friends of St Cross volunteer, Harry supports the hospital staff, patients, and visitors. Friends volunteers help with meet and greets, supporting visitors, showing people around the hospital, and offering reassurance. In some instances, they also assist with stock replenishments, nutrition and hydration support, befriending patients, and supporting patient discharge. Harry was recently recognised for his volunteer work and received an Outstanding Service and Care Award nomination. We are so proud of Harry for his dedication and achievements.      

Charity Shop  

Leanne has been volunteering at the local British Heart Foundation. It is Leanne’s responsibility to keep the shop floor tidy, sort through donations, price up goods and create enticing window displays. Leanne also has opportunity to talk to visitors and practice her numeracy skills whilst raising money for a very worthy cause.     If you would like to learn more about our volunteering links at New Directions Rugby, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you have any volunteering opportunities that you think may be suitable for the people we support or would like to chat to us about other ways we can give back to the community, then we would love to hear from you.

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