Rugby iForce part of Eddie Stobart Logistics (ESL) raised £609.50 on a Family Fun Day for New Directions on Saturday 27th July and have said that they will continue to raise funds for us as their chosen Rugby charity. They will also donate items to Community Choices Network, our day opportunities services and invite the people we support to visit their facilities. The focus of ESL iForce is on maintaining the UK’s most authoritative approach to modern commerce. Working alongside enterprising retailers like John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Screwfix and Waitrose, iForce has a track record in developing new ways for these retailers to satisfy the growing expectations of their multichannel shoppers.

“ESL iForce and all Rugby iForce colleagues feel really privileged to be able to present small contributions to make a difference in our local community. There will never be enough gratitude for the hard work that New Directions are putting in and we would like to think that our efforts can aid in supporting those wonderful people in your organisation.”


Shift Supervisor, iForce

As a company ESL iForce shares similar values to  our charity. Their principles are at the heart of the way they do business in a changing world where reaching customers changes with shifts in both technology and the structure of consumers markets, added to the pressure on profit margins. These values include:

“It is fantastic to know that New Directions’ online presence has attracted Rugby iForce to support our charity. We look forward to working in partnership with them in the future and the opportunity to visit their premises as they have done ours. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the people who attended the iForce FunDay and the monies raised will go toward activities and equipment used for customers at our day opportunities service.”

Carol Payne

Community Choices Manager, New Directions

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