The people who attend our day opportunities service spent time in an arts and crafts session creating Get Well cards for someone who they all know. This was great opportunity to send their personal get-well wishes and say that they hope the person is getting some rest and keeps improving, day by day. Well done everyone! 

Showing a good friend that you appreciate them is worth sharing because they are there for you, no matter what. You enjoy their company because they make you laugh and smile and do not judge you, put you down or deliberately hurt your feelings. Real friends are loyal and trustworthy, kind and respectful to you. An honest friend is willing to tell you the truth, even when it can be difficult for you to hear. Friends stay with you when things get tough, and are there to listen. So celebrate your friends!

Rugby Sports for the Disabled Association provides sport, recreation and leisure activities for disabled people in the Rugby area. The people who attend like Susie and Rupert enjoy taking part and are among some greats. The association also includes serious competitors up to Paralympic level and have world champions among its members.

We support people like Kenton to take steps towards living independently and achieving their goals. Once people achieve their independence skills we help them to continue with them and make them an everyday activity like budgeting and then grocery shopping at the local supermarket.

30 minutes of exercise in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activities on land because workout in water requires the full body, which makes it work harder. Swimming can boost your natural energy levels and improve your mental health. It improves your mood, which lowers the risk of depression, increases self-esteem with a sense of achievement, improves your sleep and reduces stress. Added to that it also slows down the effects of dementia. We provide sessions at Community Choices Network where people who attend can get out into the community and use the local sports facilities for swimming and building their core strength. Swimming with friends, is also a lot of fun.

We support people to improve their cooking skills and make healthy meal choices in their own home. We help people to cooking delicious food from scratch and develop basic kitchen skills. This way we are more likely eat less saturated fat, sodium, added sugar, and processed foods.

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