Our mission is to enable and support people with a learning disability to take control of their lives, to be as independent as they can be and to have the best quality of life possible.


We are committed to improving the lives of the people we support. Our person-centred approach puts the individual at the centre of all our activity – whether that involves providing day-to-day support or advocating for individuals on matters that directly affect them.  We are committed to offering choices, independence, dignity, privacy, respect and promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities.


In view of the values New Directions holds of respect, dignity, inclusion, empowerment, choice, independence and equality, we will:

Uphold and promote our belief that all individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and that each of us has a responsibility to treat others with respect.

Work together with the people we support, our colleagues and all partners and community groups to establish practices which express our values of diversity.

Endeavour to ensure that our facilities, resources and services are responsive, relevant and accessible to all who wish to access them.


We will work in partnership with people with learning disabilities and family carers, recognising that they are the real experts and that their stories and life experiences should be central to developing and sharing good practice.


  • We will make sure that people with learning disabilities are kept safe from abuse and neglect and are able to be independent and make choices
  • We believe that communication is a basic right and will work in ways that ensure that individuals’ means of communication are supported and valued
  • We are committed to developing the values, knowledge, skills and competencies of all those who support people with a learning disability
  • As an organisation, we will be person centred and value our staff so that they can value the people we serve
  • We are open to changing the way we work if this means that more people with learning disabilities can have better lives through what we do.



Supporting your Journey to Independence

Supporting your Journey to Independence

At New Directions, we view independence as being able to choose the life you want to live and living your life to your full potential. We recognise that some people need support to achieve that independence and we aim to help them along the way. Why is independence...

Daisy Court: Building on Excellence

Daisy Court: Building on Excellence

At New Directions we have a long history of supporting individuals with learning disabilities and other vulnerabilities across Rugby.   Founded by families, our mission has always been to provide a range of accommodation and non-accommodation based services to...

Your Life. Your Voice. Your Choice.

Your Life. Your Voice. Your Choice.

Empowering Lives, Fostering Inclusion, and Celebrating Choice   Welcome to New Directions, where we believe in empowering the lives of individuals with learning and physical disabilities. Our vision is to create a community where everyone is valued, provided with...

Hate Crime Awareness

Hate Crime Awareness

Del Harries: Training New Directions Staff on Hate Crime Awareness   Del Harries has been working with New Directions (Rugby) since 2010, making us his second oldest customer! Over the years, Del has witnessed our growth and modernisation under the guidance of...

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