At New Directions Rugby, we take immense pride in our town and are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by local organisations, businesses, and people who look out for and enable the people we support to live happy, safe, and independent lives. The officers at Rugby’s Safer Neighbourhood Team have been providing us with their support in many ways and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. 

What is the Safer Neighbourhood Team? 

Rugby’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, also known as SNT, is a group of local Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) based in our local area. They work closely with the local authorities, community leaders, local businesses, and Rugby’s residents to create long-term solutions to local problems whilst keeping the community safe.  

The wider focus for Rugby’s Safer Neighbourhood Team is to reduce crime across Warwickshire and they’ve been an incredible asset to us as a Charity over the last few years. The team is always on the lookout for people in need and is keen to engage with the local public to improve and implement new systems to keep people safe, supported and thriving in and around the town. As a team, they work together to create stronger, inclusive communities and community well-being, whilst reducing unacceptable behaviour and crime rates.   

How do the officers on the Safer Neighbourhood Team Help Us? 

The Safer Neighbourhood Team has been fantastic at offering practical advice to the people we support and our teams throughout the pandemic and beyond. They often pop in to see us, enjoy a cup of tea with the team and offer advice about hate crime, independence, protection, freedom, and well-being.   

The team has helped teach the people we support the importance of being vigilant and has provided practical examples of ways in which they can look out for themselves when out and about in Rugby. We aim to empower the people we support to live the lives they choose and feel confident that they have the skills and awareness to protect themselves from danger, whilst making the right decisions and looking out for those around them. As locals to Rugby themselves, the Safer Neighbourhood Team are familiar faces and offer comfort and reassurance to us all whenever they are out in public. 

The work of the Safer Neighbourhood Team complements the work we carry out with the people we support to develop life skills that they’ll go on to use for years to come. We welcome the SNT with open arms and are incredibly grateful to have them around.

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