When the time is right, we will be re-opening our day opportunities service Community Choices Network (CCN). During the past six months we responded quickly to the Coronavirus pandemic and kept our customers safe by closing our day activities building to its usual customers. The building at CCN only remained open for a group of our tenants from our nearby supported living accommodation to enable them to take part in group activities during lockdown.

Our Support and Activities Workers have been temporarily relocated at our supported living and residential services. In their new roles these staff members have continued to offer learning opportunities and events at people’s homes and in the community as restrictions have lifted. In the coming months we will see a phased return of activities at Community Choices Network as we enter a new normal. We are working with Warwickshire County Council to protect our customers and adhere to the latest Government recommendations to remain Covid- secure. We plan to offer a priority group ‘bubble’ of five people the opportunity to take part in a limited day activities timetable at CCN from 21st September 2020. This service will be for individuals who have been experiencing social isolation and/or to give their carers respite. After two weeks, providing that we have successfully delivered our services without issue we will expand our provision of activities within the CCN building with a step-by-step approach.


Several of our supported living services gathered together for some garden Thai Chi at a safe distance. This subtle and calm form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility and balance and is a great way for people like Judith, Leanne and Tina to reduce stress and improve their moods.

It’s a lucky strike for Billy that the bowling alley has re-opened. He’s playing it cool but there’s definitely a smile under his mask. No doubt that bowling is helping his hand and eye coordination, but this activity is more than that. That ‘Spare’ is a boost to his confidence and something to tell his friends too.

Katharine and Rose are full of fun when they get together. As soon as the music plays the two good friends certainly know how to enjoy themselves. It is wonderful to watch these two ladies getting together and entertaining their friends at home.

Do what you love. Love what you do. Linda and Maureen have been busy with their household making plant pots to grow cress and now they are able to see the results!

The people who live at Poppy Place have been reaching for the paint and created a tree made up of their handprints. Group art projects like this are great for building relationships and bringing a sense of achievement as a team. This tree of hands is 3D and makes a lovely decoration for our residential service.

After sorting through and packing up the supermarket donations Leanne and Judith wanted to be good samaritans and help deliver food parcels to some of the other services to provide essential groceries.

Bradgate Park is a great open space for Susie and Ian to spend a day together and get some daily exercise. The park officials are asking for social distancing guidelines to be followed at all times, staying two metres (6 feet) apart from others. If you are thinking of visiting, the Visitor Centre is closed until further notice. However the Deer Barn and Conservatory Tearooms have reopened. The menu changes due to availability of items and there is a reduced range of pre-packed food and drinks, all in disposable containers.

Philip, Anthony and Kenton are all enjoying walking to keep active. They are also prepared as they venture further afield as hotspots could be busy. Planning ahead before setting out is key, including checking the relevant website for their destination as some locations still remain closed to visitors.

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