Thursday 2nd April 2020

More from some of our New Directions kitchens! Homecooking helps the people we support to control portion sizes, get value for money and save costs. Many of our tenants are also batch cooking now as they live independently which is a tasty timesaver.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

At New Directions we live our lives alongside those we support and are treating their immunity and ours as one. We keep each other safe by restricting our movements to our own homes and the homes of those we support. Brian is doing his part by continuing to tackle the cleaning tasks around his home and carrying on with his every day routines.



Sunday 22nd March 2020

At this time the people we support are taking every day as it comes and keeping their spirits up together. We have numerous ways which people can safely spend their time such as opening our RemPod bar to bring together tenants at one of our Supported Living homes at 4pm every day. They are using the Government social distancing recommendations to have a drink and enjoy each others’ company inside and outdoors. Our dedicated staff are thinking creatively about how to support people, keep them active, motivated and positive.

Sunday 22nd March 2020

We are keeping the people we support aware of Government updates relevant to how we all socialise with our elderly relatives in this situation due to Covid-19. Susie demonstrated how she is keeping her Dad safe when she visited him. This video is a testament to how New Directions is addressing this current situation and showing the people we support how to carry on with their lives with a few adaptions. We will of course facilitate contact between the people we support and their families and friends as much and as creatively as we can, whether by telephone, Skype, Facetime etc.



Wednesday 19th March 2020

Linda enjoys her time at home and we will ensure that she has a continued connection to her family and friends.


Wednesday 8th April 2020

Vital support provided by charities across the country during this Coronavirus pandemic has been recognised both practically and financially by the Government. Local charities like ours providing compassion, care and community to the most vulnerable in our country have not been forgotten says the Chancellor of The Exchequer’s in his address to the nation.

28th March 2020

Spending quality time with friends who are sharing this lockdown experience; cooking for each other, exercising, making less plans, watching DVDs, saving money and rewarding themselves with time to relax. Staying in really has become the new going out for the people we support.

25th March 2020

At this time it is so important to keep our spirits up during the Coronavirus UK lockdown. The latest measures have drastically changed all our lives, however getting outdoors to keep active is something that government is still prioritising. There are many of us walking, cycling, running daily at a safe distance on the streets. Many of the people we support also have access to communal green spaces where they can take a break, enjoy keeping fit and continue to stay at home.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Communal areas in all our accommodation services are extremely important to the mental wellbeing of staff and those we support alike, and continue to be used by everyone who is symptom free. This community rainbow project is a perfect example of how people can join in with creative projects which build their sense of community.



Wednesday 19th March 2020

Many thanks to our local ASDA supermarket for their donations which will be much appreciated by the people who we support.

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