New Directions provides 24hr residential support services for people with a wide range of needs including learning and physical disabilities.

Our residential accommodation is of a high standard and is adapted to meet the needs of the people who live there.

For more information:

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Solutions For Individuals

  • Individuals have a person-centred plan with outcomes that focus on their personal potential and goals based on their individual support needs
  • All individuals are encouraged to make their own choices on all aspects of their lives
  • A flexible welcoming and relaxed environments where you can be yourself and live the life you choose.

24/7 Care and Support

  • Our staff can support a wide range of care and support needs.  New Directions works proactively with external professionals to ensure that all needs are met such as specialist equipment and speech and language support
  • Poppy Place is our spacious adapted home with specialist equipment such as track hoists, electronic adjustable kitchen work tops and a stair lift.

Prioritising Being Social

  • Our staff regularly support individuals and groups to attend community activities and be an active part of the wider community based on their choices
  • Individuals are encouraged to be involved in the running of their home.  Their views and opinions play an important role in how New Directions runs its services.
  • We provide opportunities to make new friends and learn new skills.



For many months we have all been facing challenges to the way we socialise and our activities fulfil the need to be close to the ones we love in a safe environment. Loneliness is an unwelcome feeling which results from a gap between the quantity of the relationships that we have and the quality of those relationships. Long term loneliness can affect our mental health, so it is important to adapt and make the most of new ways to see friends and family. New Directions is making every effort to provide opportunities to support people to look to the future and plan lots of great things to look forward to.

New Directions also enables you to spend quality time with your family members supported by us in the safe environment of our Covid-secure and purpose-built visitor pod.

  • Pre-booking required
  • Staff support
  • Up to 3 visitors


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