New Directions provides 24hr residential support services for people with wide range of needs including learning and physical disabilities.

Our residential accommodation is of a high standard and is adapted to meet the needs of the people that live there.

For more information:

01788 573318 or email:

Individual Support
  • Individuals have a person-centred plan with outcomes that focus on their personal potential and goals based on their individual support needs
  • All individuals are encouraged to make their own choices on all aspects of their lives
  • A flexible welcoming and relaxed environments where you can be yourself and live the life you choose.
Care and Support
  • Our staff can support a wide range of care and support needs.  New Directions works proactively with external professionals to ensure that all needs are met such as specialist equipment and speech and language support
  • Poppy Place is our spacious adapted home with specialist equipment such as track hoists, electronic adjustable kitchen work tops and a stair lift.
  • Our staff regularly support individuals and groups to attend community activities and be an active part of the wider community based on their choices
  • Individuals are encouraged to be involved in the running of their home.  Their views and opinions play an important role in how New Directions runs its services.
  • We provide opportunities to make new friends and learn new skills.