Bob and David joined the cast for the 31st production from theatre company Side By Side at Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa in December 2019. This inclusive performance brought together a year’s worth of weekly rehearsals where repetition, reassurance and positivity enabled people involved to achieve and celebrate their success. The vibrant musical called “Live, Love, Laugh… Life” covered a year in the life of its characters with scenes combined with co-ordinated dance routines, which were often comical. There were highs and lows in the story that unfolded, demonstrating real-life events. There were also times for readings and videos on a big screen which  included a thank you to donors and a fantastic lip-syncing flash mob singing “I think I want to marry you” by Bruno Mars. Throughout the performance, there was a real sense of teamwork where people were supporting one another. This was highlighted by the rainbow of colourful Side By Side t-shirts worn by the dancers. 


There was a great turnout including several mayors in the audience who witnessed the successes possible through all the hard work and dedication of the people involved. It was an unforgettable evening. Side By Side Theatre Company is a charitable organisation which changes perceptions of the people who take part in their inclusive weekly workshops. The sessions include fun drama, mime, movement, dance, poetry and sketches, which are accessible to all. Funding is crucial to guarantee that Side by Side can continue its incredible achievements, for more information

Bob and David were part of the cast who used the whole stage in extremely clever dance routines and David had a part as the photographer in the wedding scene. Everyone in the audience was included in the show and during the summer scene they laughed out loud at the jokes from the cast who mimed driving cars to their holiday destination. There was definitely an, “Are we nearly there yet?” sense of fun. With grandma’s internet dating, babies in pushchairs spread across the stage and Christmas festivities there was so much to see and learn. There were also darker times such as one character passing away, a scene where cast members gently painted others faces with clown make up and finally the jar of life. This show was a great way to explain the difficulties we all face in life and some of the ways that we can learn to cope and overcome them. It was though a celebration of a year for all abilities with people playing a big part in the whole.


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