New Directions (Rugby) Ltd. provides supported living accommodation for people with a wide range of needs including learning and physical disabled people. We believe that all people have the right to make choices and decisions about the lifestyle you want to lead regardless of the nature or degree of your disability even if you do not make requests in a conventional way.

Our supported living accommodation at Gateway Court houses 20 tenants, Richmond Court has 11 tenants, King’s Court 13 and Lennon Court also 11. Alternatively we can find accommodation to suit your needs in the local community

We can help you to make choices about the way you want to live your life and who you want to live it with. The support that you receive responds to your needs, rights and wishes in a way that suits your lifestyle. We provide tenants with housing management support from the start of your placement with us.

We have skilled and highly trained staff who promote independence and opportunities to learn new skills.

For more information phone 01788 544995 or click here to contact us 



Housing Support Officer

What We Offer:

  • Support to understand and sign your easy read tenancy and housing management contract
  • Help to complete your housing benefit application
  • Assist you with managing your expenditure to ensure that you are able to pay your utility bills, while living your life.
  • Support you to be truly involved in co-regulation
  • Your needs are met when it is convenient to you

Housing & Support packages


how to access our services

  • We can support you to run your own home to the best of your ability, including managing your money, preparing a meal or cleaning your home.
  • We offer support within your home which can be anything from as little as 1 hour per week up to 24 hours a day.
  • We can also support you in your local community. Our staff can be there for you when you want to go shopping or take part in a leisure activity.
  • We believe in providing high quality, good value services which are responsive to your changing needs,
  • We tailor your package to your assessed needs and wishes.
  • Your needs are met when it convenient to you.
  • We have skilled and highly trained staff who promote independence and opportunities to learn new skills.