In partnership with Brooke School, New Directions is once again offering young people, their families and carers a fantastic opportunity to find out more about services and support groups available to them. This Transition Event will be held at Brooke School on 5th March from 3.30 til 5.30pm and there will be a wide variety of organisations attending to talk to visitors about support available locally.

Transition support is a vital service for many young people with disabilities because moving on from school into young adulthood can be both an exciting and daunting. This is a time to face new challenges and choose an individual life-path for future adulthood. The Transition Event brings together a a wide variety of leading local support groups, independent providers and educational services who will be sharing information. The knowledge, support and advice that services and support groups can provide make it easier for young learning disabled people to make their own decisions about finding somewhere to live, accessing work or training, finding advocacy, health and wellbeing, developing and maintaining friendships and taking part a fulfilling social life.

New Directions provides a significant daily transition support service for young learning disabled people which centres on teaching young people with learning disabilities daily living skills like cooking, ironing and cleaning.

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