New Directions’ Dementia Champion is Andrea. This page is a point of reference to begin to have an understanding of dementia and how to support a someone with dementia. Dementia is an illness, which damages the brain and destroys brains cells so that they can’t grow again. It affects a person’s memory of how to do things, so that everyday tasks we take for granted are no longer easy to do.

Sign & Symptoms of a service user suffering from Dementia:

  • Not remembering the names of people that the person has known all their lives.
  • Forgetting how to dress
  • Not remembering what they were doing
  • Getting frustrated with daily tasks
  • Becoming angry, anxious (because they know something is wrong), frightened, sad
  • Asking the same question over and over
  • Confused and unable to remember what has just been said
  • Becoming withdrawn, sad and/or lonely
  • Wandering round and round but not going anywhere
  • The individual may have pain – it is important to know the person and read their body language as they may not be able to tell you where the pain is.
  • Sometimes if a individual suddenly becomes confused, unable to do daily tasks or becomes immobile this can signify that they not well due to an infection.

People With Dementia Can Have Full Lives

Our services can help support and encourage people with dementia to carry on with their daily tasks and interests which makes them feel valued. Our staff support people by picking up the areas the individual can no longer do, this prevents them from getting anxious and takes confusion away to enable them to remain calm and by doing this ensure a feeling of fulfillment. The individual’s personality may change so we adapt to this and support them as they are the same person with the same feelings and needs like other people.

Using Photographs

This a frightening time for the individual support them by having quiet places for them to sit for peace and quiet to look through books and photos. Photos are a great point of reference:

  • We provide photo based staff rotas
  • We provide timetables with photos of places people are going and who they will be with
  • We provide individuals with photos of household tasks on their timetable
  • Its a good idea to have the person themselves in the photo for example setting tables, doing their washing, doing activities they take part in.


End Of Life

There is no cure for dementia. The individual’s brain is having difficulty in sending signals to the body so this has an effect on their health and they will pass away after a time. New Directions supports people to end of their life. At the end stagesof the individual’s decline the professionals involved are considerable and there is too much information to be given for this page. We have very experienced staff and managers that will support people throughout the duration of their dementia



Useful Contacts

  • New Directions’ Dementia Champion: Andrea – Tel: 01788 574849
  • Contact individualr’s GP
  • Railings Learning Disabilities Team – Tel: 01788 513730
  • Dementia UK Tel: 0300 3033 131
  • Alzheimer’s Society Tel: 03002221122
  • Book: ‘Ann has Dementia’
  • By Sheila Hollins, Noelle Blackman