“The flat here is 100% better than the bedsit that I was living in, I now have a massive bathroom and a separate bedroom. You can be yourself here and it is comforting that the staff are about. I like to get together with everyone else in the communal room, it’s nice.”


Supported Living

“It was really nice to meet the residents and have a look around the house. [We] were very impressed with what we saw.” 

” We are very happy that we have somewhere that Fiona is happy to come and stay and she looks forward to her visits.”  

“I like it when everybody gets together for Tea and Chat with the Trustees meetings as I am with my friends then.” – Martin

“I like sessions at Community Choices Network. Tiger Feet is my favourite because I can dance and keep fit.” – Bob

“He thinks of [the house] as his home. When returning after Christmas, the others waited for his return before having their lunch and greeted him with obvious delight.”

Every time ‘L’ stays at [the house] she enjoys herself and everyone is very friendly.

“I enjoy volunteering at New Directions and they have also supported me to help out at a local animal charity which I really enjoy.” – Mark

“I like my flat and get on really well with my neighbour who is also supported by my New Directions. I now visit her upstairs after not climbing stairs for 15 years.” – Kelly

“The atmosphere in the house is that of a close family unit with obvious signs that the residents are happy there.”

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